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so then i have to get them sharpened alot does that make the scissors work less if i get them sharpened alot?
As others noted here, when scissors are sharpened metal comes off. So their life is depleted and they even get smaller in length.

Rather than have mine sharpened over & over now I have a little 3 inch long rectangular sharpening stone for when I drop them or if they develop a problem. My ex got it, don't know where, but it came in a knife sharpening 'kit' with a cloth and some honing oil.

Today, don't know why, but all of a sudden the tips on one of my scissors wouldn't cut. Gave them a few swipes with the stone & we were back in business Before the stone I had a knife sharpener..a long round thing I found at a flea market & used that for a number of years. Look for a very fine smooth feeling stone rather than a course rough feeling stone. Also there are websites with some guidance on how to sharpen, but I just remember my Grandpa sharpening his knives & kinda imitate what I saw him do. A few swipes back and forth was all. My sharpener, Neil in San Diego, was surprised last time he was in because I had a couple of scissors sharpened. Every now and then I give them a professional 'tune-up'. Barbara