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    Default Hanvey Vac vs Romani Vac

    Which vac system do you guys prefer and why? Im trying to decide between these two vacs and doing as much research as possible before I spend the money. Thanks for your help

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    Gracy Rose Guest


    I believe that you can't go wrong with either one. Although, I personally use the Hanvey one the Romani is just as fabulous.

    I am going to list my pros and cons for both, hope this helps.

    Smaller Clipper Attachment, adjustable dial, weaker customer service.

    Great customer service, portable option, air flow on clipper so can be put far away more cumbersome on clipper.

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    Default Have used both

    Having used both at the same time, here's my take on them. They are both great products.
    Romani Clipper Vac
    The smaller sizes have the front panel that you have to take the hair out of, I think on the larger models you can upgrade for extra for a bottom discharge. I hated digging the hair out of it.
    The attachment to me seemed smaller but there was less room between it and the clipper for your hand.
    I used it mobile, so the flap regulator was nice. I only did small, well maintained dogs so I only needed a light air flow.
    Customer service is good, I've had Marlene actually call me several times about questions that I've had.
    I feel their replacement parts were a bit pricey.

    Hanvey Taxi Vac
    Love the bottom discharge
    Clipper attachement good
    Customer service is good, I've only dealt with Heather and she is always helpful and nice
    I love the variable dial for the suction, it's good in the shop as I do all size dogs. I can crank it up to do a D comb "summerize" cut on an Aussie or other big dog. It really lifts the hair and give a good all over trim.

    I was told in no uncertain terms by Marlene that her product is a "clipper vac" and that Hanvey is a clipper vac-uuuuum! Thought that was funny!

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    Default I agree

    you can't go wrong with either.

    I have though had great customer service with Hanvey. I love the Hanvey adjustable flow knob and the easy empty. And Hanvey has a portable too - that I have. It's not listed. It is a vacuum for a clipper, vacuums around the table and drys with a pretty strong H V.
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