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    southern idaho

    Default idaho groomer

    hi, iam in south central idaho. farming community. have a small shop, been grooming for 15 yrs, 67 yrs young. there are about 6 other groomers in this area. love this board. would love to meet other groomers in the state.

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    Default Hi sparkle

    I'm located in eastern Idaho. I have a mobile business with two vans. Welcome and would love to chat. Pm me.

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    Agree Hello

    I live in the Boise area and have a mobile grooming business.
    It is nice to know there are other Idaho groomers on here.

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    Hello, I'm located in Caldwell. Have a small but growing business. Been open for 2 years here. I'm wanting to talk to some other groomers in the area about a grooming competition, well not necessarily a grooming competition. I saw this in Denver, I think it was run by a local paper or tv news channel. But anyways, customers vote on who is best for a variety of things each year, either by website or however and the winners each year get a trophy and their name is put out there. I was wanting to get some more input on whether anybody else would be on board for this. thanks Monica

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    Laugh hi

    i have been wanting to relocate out of california and i am looking into idaho!! Yes i am going from warm and sunny to cold!! but the economy, attitudes, taxes and everything else (and the people) are becoming unbearable. I would love to talk to another groomer in boise area! after reading everyone else's imput from idaho, all of you seem so friendly!!!!! i am not use to that out here! lol

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    We're a husband and wife home groom shop located in West Boise. We have 30 years of experience between us, and also do online retail for grooming tools.

    Spot-On Grooming

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    My brother is in E ID.


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