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    Huh epsom salt pre-bath?

    Is this a good idea? Offering a 10 minute (or so, depending on how the dog takes to it) soak in epsom salts before the regular shampooing and conditioner? I thought it would be good for dogs with itchy skin or sores that might need soothing...

    I was considering offering it as an add-on services, for those owners who want it.

    Any thoughts?

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    You might want to be careful if you decide to do that. Epsom salts are made for body PART soaking, not for whole body soaking. It could cause a dog to become dehydrated.

    If your wanting to do a soak like that, consider using a salt made specifically for the bath.

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    look under the holistic forum..theres a website addy for bath salts there. NO EPSOM salts! lol

    on that website are bath salts with different qualities. Different salts do different things.
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    Heck I always add epsom salt to my bath and soak my poor broken body in it, Not sure I would do it for a dog, different ph balance.


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    Default sulphate salt

    Epsom salts are beneficial sulphate(sulphur compounds)and magnesium salts...very good for all living bodies and yes I would pay to have my dog soaked in a 10 minute salt bath, trust me the dogs LOVE it! My dog, a 6 yr old GSD, literally begs for a bath and the clients dogs relax and enjoy. Of course I massage them while they are soaking for the full spa treatment. I really do
    Also in your local oriental markets you can find natural salts of all sorts for next to nothing, like black salt which is another type of sulphur salt (think well water that smells like rotten eggs)but it does not leave any bad scent and it makes the dogs unbelievably soft and shiny. They also have natural sea salt in bulk and if you are afraid to try it on your dogs then try it on your own hair, thats what I do...


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