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Thread: Miami clip?

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    Default Miami clip?

    You know those poms poodles have around the ankles when they get a miami/summer/bikini clip? Are those supposed to be achieved by scissoring? My poodle was professionally groomed but she has like leggings, instead of poms so I want to fix that and turn them into poms.

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    Yes, they should be scissored, ovals.

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    Default Tricky!

    OK, so your dog had scissored legs, but you want pompoms - first, he doesn't probably have enough hair right now to look like the real thing, but yes, you can shave down his legs and leave the rest and it might look OK and you can let the poms start to grow.

    Second, scissoring pompoms is usually harder than scissoring a column leg! You can look up some tips on here about pompoms, as they have been discussed. Usually, you can start with the rear leg because the hock is your marker for the top of the pom. Then you can match the height on the front leg.

    You might want to scissor a line to help you before you clip. You might want to get a groomer who knows about poms to show you their technique. (That would be he best to help you, I think).

    Depending on how good you think your scissoring is, you could LIGHTLY scissor the bottoms and tops of the shape to start hinting at a little roundness. Remember, the poms are not usually truly CIRCLES, especially on a Standard - they are a bit elongated (kind of like a pineapple).

    Good luck - this is usually one of the trickier clips to look welldone if you don't have a scissoring background!

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    It sounds like maybe your girlie has cuffs instead of poms?? Are the legs clipped shorter down to where the leggens begin? Or are they full leggens from the body down to the foot?

    Cuffs are a perfectly acceptable variant on a Miami/bikini but aren't seen often now and usually only on male poodles. If your groomer left a full enough cuff, and if it's started high enough on the leg, just slightly round off at the top and bottom to get a passable oval pom. Ball shaped round poms set real low on the leg aren't right and never have been - ovals set high enough in the front and down to the foot/ankle so the dog looks slightly uphill (when compared to where the rear poms are set and viewed from the side), are correct.


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