• 123Pet Software is Proud to Release an Android App That’s FREE!

    You can get the FREE 123Pet app by going to the Marketplace on a phone or tablet that runs Android and search for “123Pet.” Then, install 123Pet Version 9 on your desktop computer. From within 123Pet Version 9 (Trial, Standard, Professional or Network versions), you simply create a LiveAccess user account ID and password. Then, the ID and password are used to login to the Android app and you are ready to go. It only takes a few minutes.

    • Schedule and view appointments
    • Add and edit pet information
    • Add and edit clients
    • Add client notes
    • Map your clients’ home addresses
    • Run sales reports
    • View product information
    • View service information
    • Call your customers directly from your device (phones only)

    “We received a lot of requests for this feature. Owners of pet grooming salons would like to access these features from home or to check in while they are on vacation. Employees also like the flexibility of being able to check their schedules from home or on their phones while they are out and about,” according to Christianna Jackson, Vice President of DaySmart Software Inc., makers of 123Pet.

    About DaySmart Software Inc., makers of 123Pet software
    DaySmart Software Inc., makers of 123Pet software, is located in Brighton, MI. 123Pet is a complete package for your pet grooming salon. It has full support for employees and booth renters. 123Pet has extensive remote access features. 123Pet can help you save time and provide better customer service. In a few simple clicks, you can schedule appointments, check out customers, and much more. Your pet grooming salon or spa will be better, smarter, and faster. For more information regarding 123Pet or for a free trial, call 800-376-0123, e-mail sales@daysmart.com or visit their website at: www.123PetSoftware.com