• About Your Free Subscription to PetGroomer.com Journal

    Note: The following email was sent to all subscribers in our new subscription database system on March 27, 2011. If you have not yet subscribed to this free grooming journal why not? Go to www.petgroomercd.com to signup. No catches. You ain't seen nothin' like this publication!

    For about 6 months we have been taking free subscriptions to the PetGroomer.com Journal at www.petgroomercd.com. Here's a status update on your free subscription.UPDATE

    We have enjoyed over 10,000 signups for the free subscription. This amazing demand was unexpected. It has caused us to make a few changes and you are the first to know.

    We are planning 3 seasonal issues for the year 2011. They are a Spring edition in May 2011, a Summer edition in July 2011 and a Fall edition in September 2011.

    As a startup and free offer, we cannot promise a PRINT version by postal mail to everyone. For the first issue in May 2011 we will print about 2,000 copies to be delivered by postal mail, and the several thousand remaning will be delivered by email (and more!) inviting you to read a state of the art edition online. You can flip the pages and read the edition online.

    By the second edition we hope to create more funding to help us print 5,000 and print and postal mail them. Each successive issue we will increase the number of copies delivered by postal mail. Regardless, everyone that subscribes gets access to a free copy whether by postal mail or online.

    We are going to change the name from PetGroomer.com Journal to "eGroomer Journal" by PetGroomer.com. The "E" in the title references groomers and career seekers like that are online using today's technology.

    Some of you may remember back in 2009 we hosted a site at eGroomer.com. We took that site down to prepare for it to host something all new, the eGroomer Journal. The upcoming Digital Editions of eGroomer will find a home at an all new eGroomer.com coming in May 2011 when the first edition goes out.

    Wait till you see this all new state of the pet grooming industry web site. The latest web technology! Easy, simple to use, clean and smart.

    We will send you invitation to visit the site when ready.

    iPad, Kindle and other Mobile versions?

    Yes! We are going to be releasing MOBILE versions such as Kindle and iPad versions!

    By the way did you know if you have a Smartphone you can read and post messages now on the GroomerTALK Message Board using your Smartphone with the Tapatalk APP. You can learn about the APP at www.tapatalk.com.

    Thanks for your patience. Tell your friends to signup for a free subscription at www.petgroomercd.com anytime. We know you've been waiting as we promised there will be a first edition in Spring.