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10-13-09, 06:01 AM
Does anyone know if it's legal to dye dogs in California? All the creative grooms I see on the board are from somewhere else...

10-13-09, 06:54 AM
Burbanks show has a creative contest and GHI did a creative segment in LA so I am ASSUMING that the law there does not prohibit it. I remember reading somewhere that Artist also offers coloring in his salon....not sure if tha tis true or not. I DO KNOW that the shows would not offer it if it was prohibited.

10-13-09, 11:49 AM
Don't know abut Cali, but it is a law in South Carolina. Our Governor can run off to South America to have an affair, & our congressmen can yell at the president on nationwide TV, but us groomers can't dye a dogs hair blue,,lol, go figure,,,,

10-13-09, 02:26 PM
this is interesting, I'm in Maine and just last week a client asked me if it was illegal in our town to dye her dogs ears. How can I find this out, is there a website?

10-14-09, 04:52 AM
I know there is no concise website for dog law. As for ME, Daryl Conner is in Appleton and dyes her dog all the time. Call the local HS to ask. If they don;t know they can point you in the right direction. I DO KNOW that in the STATE its legal there. Her photos are all over the paper.

10-14-09, 06:34 AM
Illegal in florida

10-14-09, 07:04 AM
Thanks, Debi. If I can grab a minute or two away from packing boxes and moving to a new house, I'm definitely gonna do SOMETHING with Wyatt before Halloween!

10-14-09, 07:14 AM
Look up you local laws about animals. It should be under animal cruelty.

RudyRoo, our shop had a booth at Bark to The Park festival by Project Pet, which was held in Finlay Park in downtown Columbia and we did hundreds of "tattooes" with blow pens. My coworker entered her fully colored poodle in "Best Costume" contest and won first place. Police and Human Society people were present and nobody said a word. Latter in the year we were contacted by HS, they had a "spruce Up your pet" day in Local Earth Fair and they wanted us to come out and offer tattoing again. We didn't get a chance to do it that time but we offer coloring (blow pens and chalking) to clients who want it. So SC groomers are as bad as guilty as our governor and congressman, and nobody does anything about it. We didn't ask anybody, just did it. I was worried about doing it at first, but if somebody complains, you only going to get a warning. In our case HS, who is supposed to fight animal cruelty(which in SC, animal coloring falls under) liked what we did.

10-25-09, 11:59 PM
California has a law on the books about dying chicks- that is illegal.

Penal code 599:
every person is guilty of a misdemeanor who:
((b) Dyes or otherwise artificially colors any live chicks,
rabbits, ducklings or other fowl, or sells, offers for sale, or gives
away any live chicks, rabbits, ducklings, or other fowl which has
been dyed or artificially colored;

10-26-09, 08:06 AM
I think you should be fine, the law is worded in the way that it is only refers to ducks, chicks and rabbits.

SC law is more broad, it includes any "animals".

SECTION 47-1-125. Coloring or dying animals prohibited; sale or distribution of certain young animals prohibited; penalty.

(1) It is unlawful for any person to dye or color artificially any animal or fowl, including but not limited to rabbits, baby chickens, and ducklings, or to bring any dyed or colored animal or fowl into this State.

10-26-09, 08:26 AM
Lexa, that law was MEANT to stop the sale of colored animals at Easter and other holidays, but the way it is worded it DOES stop you from coloring dogs.....really sad if you ask me. NOT what it was meant to say but it does cover it. FL law is similarly written BTW and was enforced to the degree that NDGAA cancelled its creative comps as a result.

10-26-09, 08:55 AM
I think you should be fine in Cali especially since Animal Planet has featured extreme pets that had a segment on Creative Styling from Pasadena last year and Groomer Has it did a Creative challenge on the show. They have animal rights people on the set to insure the safty of the animals involved in the making of any show.

Sandy Hartness is a Cali resident, her Cindy is always in color.
I saw GO FOR IT! you know I would.

10-26-09, 09:11 AM
I looked the laws up on my city website. It is aparently a no-no. I only color my own animals, though. AC doesn't bother to enforce the leash laws, the law that says a dog has to have 6ft of slack in it's tie out at all times or the law that prohibits the road side sell of puppies. Lord help them if they say anything about my dog being colored.

10-26-09, 10:15 AM
How would one go about trying to get a law like that really looked into? Because again if they make a "dog" safe dye and sell it through pet catalogs and its made for dogs then how can it be cruel?????? Its no different then people dyeing their hair to cover the greys or change their color cause they are bored:) I LOVE LOVE to paint so I have always wanted to get into the creative aspect of the grooming world only to find out I can't dye dogs here...............

10-26-09, 01:20 PM
It is sad for floridians, but we were able to get away with coloring dogs and were invited by HS to participate in their event. I could not attend it that time but I wonder if they invited as to put us in handcuffs.

10-27-09, 06:31 PM
wouldn't that be entrapment?

10-27-09, 09:17 PM
You guys are joking about being arrested right? You'd probably get a written or verbal warning; at most a ticket. They aren't going to take you to jail.

03-11-10, 09:56 PM

i think its fine as long as its not like the whole body.

if its the ears and tails its fine...

work a grooming and when they did the inspection they made no notion of the dyes we had or anything regarding it just smiled and said cute


03-12-10, 05:17 PM
Illegal in florida

what ??
seriously? we cant dye dogs here? Ive done it for years to my own dog.I grew up here and have never heard that although,Ive never even thought to check thats so stupid.is it one of those old lawes on the books like "you cant beat your wife with a stick larger than your thumb'?

03-12-10, 05:50 PM
consider this...

In KY its cruelty to dye chicks rabbits etc.. but dog are ok.. for now..

but for those in states that it is illegal.. that is also an animal cruelty charge.. and in my state they want to make animal cruelty charges felonies..

I just went thru an animal cruelty charge.. for not having a dog house for my indoor dogs.. it was dismissed but I know what kind of **** a bored animal control officer and an county that needs money can do to a person.. fortunatly in my case we had a judge who was fair and honest and pics of my dogs sleeping in our beds, and hanging out on the couch with the kids, got the charge dismissed.. but that was after two days of missed work and stress over me, a pet groomer, having an animal cruelty charge.

Can you imagine being charged with a felony animal cruelty charge for coloring a dog!!? That's where this road is going... scary scary stuff..