The Dog Spa Academy - NASH Approved School - Norwood, NJ

Find out if a career in Pet Grooming is for you! We offer an extensive series of online educational courses that prepare you to begin your hands on training. School Director Stacey Herbert is a Certified Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor, and owner of Dog Spa Academy, a Nash Approved Pet Grooming School - Norwood, New Jersey. Stacey graduated from The Nash Academy of Animal Arts in 1987. Stacey’s salon became a Nash Approved Training Site in 2011 and has trained many aspiring pet groomers to achieve their diplomas in pet grooming.

Stacey has been instrumental in demonstrating the success of Nash Approved training sites in the USA and strives every day to make her >> business and her skills bigger and better. Her passion and love for teaching is evident in her success and in the success of aspiring pet groomers that train at her location.*With over 25 years of grooming experience Stacey is the REAL DEAL. Throughout her career she has been an experienced Show Groomer, a Nash Academy Online Instructor, and a Nash Approved Practical Skills Instructor.*Stacey’s love for teaching is evident and ever evolving and she is currently enrolled in Brookdale College earning her degree in Teaching, as a New Jersey Certified Technical Educator, and is exploring agility training with a sporting dog. Visit The Dog Spa Academy Web Site at